Familial communication patterns can create stress in the business environment. Assumptions, stereotypes, and emotional baggage often cloud judgment, reactions, listening, and getting to know someone as an adult versus just a sibling or child. Many believe a Will, Trusts, and business agreements are the crux of succession planning; however, as Joe Chastang found out, it involves much more.

Where there are people, there are complexities because people are layered and diverse creatures. As Joe shares, addressing the technicalities such as wills and trusts are important, but what was incredibly valuable was learning how to deal with each other better. Understanding what makes each other tick, values, and preferred communication styles helped them know how to approach each other better, communicate better, hire better and make more money.

How We Help You

Are you struggling to navigate familial communication patterns and complexities in your family business succession planning? Assumptions, stereotypes, and emotional baggage can often cloud judgment and hinder effective communication. While legal documents like Wills, Trusts, and business agreements are crucial, true succession planning involves much more.

At our firm, we understand the intricacies involved in family business succession planning. We recognize that addressing technicalities is only part of the equation. That’s why we offer insights and resources to help you navigate the complexities of familial dynamics, better understand each other, and improve communication within your family business.

Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in developing a comprehensive succession plan tailored to your family’s unique needs. In just 30 minutes, we can provide valuable ideas and strategies to apply to your business immediately. Let’s work together to ensure your family business’s long-term success and prosperity.

Succession Planning Resources

  • Succession Readiness Survey:  A 7-minute investment in time will put you in an informed position of opportunities many business owners overlook, impacting business value, growth, lifestyle, and ultimately achieving your vision.
  • Contact Us: We can help you with insights and other resources and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business immediately.

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The Succession Planning Matrix

Many people put off succession planning because they think it means retirement, exit, and the end. However; succession planning is just the beginning. It gives the owner options in terms of what “their next” looks like, whether that be growth, philanthropy, or a new business venture. Our process focuses are addressing 10 key areas of what we call the Succession Matrix.family-business-succession-planning

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We can provide insights and other resources and assess whether it makes sense to work together. In just 30 minutes, you may gain actionable ideas that you can immediately apply to your business. Contact us via phone or email below, or fill out the “Ask An Expert” form.