We cannot predict when disaster will strike, but current events prove it can happen at any time. Whether it is hurricanes, flooding, blizzards, tornadoes, droughts, or wildfires, timing can only be determined by the “odds.” This can cause us to become complacent in thinking that disaster will not hit our family, business, or geography. Thus, we don’t prepare at all, because feeling “the unpredictable” is too far out of our control. However, to build exponential value in your multi-unit franchisee organization, it is essential to plan for the predictable, probable, and possible contingencies.

Plan can be a bad “four letter word” for entrepreneurial-minded business owners like multi-unit franchisees. But it can (and should) be your favorite word when you or those you care about are impacted by a disaster. By having a plan in place, you have the resources and protocols in to ensure you are there for your people, and you can recover damaged real estate or inventory.

There are a variety of areas we should plan to protect the financial, physical, and emotional future of our organization. Having a disaster recovery plan in place is one of the most important tools to keep the franchise business, your employees, and yourself moving forward should disaster hit your community. Let’s face it, disastrous events can turn on a dime and you can find yourself in the path of destruction.


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