Dr Merlot 237x237 circle bannerI dare say that I blinked my eyes and before I knew it, May was here. I can’t say I’m surprised, really, with all the travel. Coming out of CONVENTION SEASON and the back and forth to Las Vegas for two national conferences, I don’t bounce back as fast from those red eyes as I once did! It is not as easy as it once was for this “mature” professional.

Diving into Spring in a big way, I spent some time with car dealers at the 2018 NADA Convention and Expo. This show is always exciting and super busy, but this year really stood out. It has been some time since we have seen the kind of buzz we saw at this year’s show. There are so many questions surrounding the car business in terms of attracting and retaining great talent, adjusting to changing consumer behavior, how to be competitive with changing demographics and how will technology and market disrupters continue to change the face of the industry. Where there are many unknowns, the exciting news is there are also many opportunities. If you haven’t developed or reviewed your strategic plan recently, this is the time to get busy, think big, challenge the norm and find ways to embrace and capitalize on change.

On the heels of NADA, I was out walking the halls at the 2018 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference. Although the history with this show is not as deep as it is with NADA, I can say for certain there are strong similarities. Not only is the show packed with entrepreneurial minded business owners, but the franchise industry is also seeing rapid growth and change. Where growth is always a key topic discussed at the conference, there was a big focus on people and developing strong talent.

Regardless of the industry or profession you are in, we are seeing exciting times in all areas.

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The Succession Planning Matrix

Preparing a business to transition from one generation to another requires a focus on 10 key areas which we call the Succession Matrix.  Click the following link for more drill down resources on The Succession Matrix

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