Another year has gone. As a I “mature” (a doctor’s way of saying, “get older”) I realize how fast time passes us by. As a kid, summers seem to last forever, school breaks during the holidays were like real “holidays” and the school weeks just seem to drag on, and on. Now I realize that it may seem that same way for many of us adults in the work place, however how many of us get to a new year and look back and ask, “Where has the time gone?”

Reflecting on 2017 I’m reminded of the wonderful relationships I continued to build with my family, friends, colleagues and clients. I, of course, carry fond memories of my time on the golf course with my pal, Loyd, and all our pontifications on how to solve the world’s behavioral business problems. As I’m here sipping on the juice, I realized, however, looking back is good for reflection, but visioning the future has much more possibilities.

The 24-hour news cycle can make it difficult for us to look forward. We may feel anxious, disappointed or even optimistic, as perspective highly impacts one’s outlook. As my friend Loyd often says, we can get stuck in a rope-a-dope or choose the power of positivity to change the outcome.

Despite events, such as mother nature’s fury this past year, communities and people are banding and rising together. Togetherness is the fabric of what makes us thrive in our business’, communities and country. As I reflect, I cannot help but look forward with strong optimism and excitement about what 2018 has in store for us all. I’m looking forward to building new relationships while nurturing the amazing ones I already have. And it goes without saying, that I look forward to trying out new varietals with my good friend Loyd, and maybe beat him at a couple of games of golf, too (if Santa brings me those new custom clubs).

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Business structures and agreements have a direct impact on areas such as, but not limited to, taxation, ownership control, shareholder access to cash flow, and family governance.  Agreements preclude disagreements. Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Business Structuring.

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