Some things in life are actually fun to plan, such as weddings, vacations, and special celebratory events.

The planning that goes into the event usually leads to a happy outcome, regardless of how long the planning takes and even if there are bumps along the way.

Business Planning, on the other hand, can get a bad rap.

Even mentioning business planning to a fast-moving, high-energy dealer makes his or her eyes begin glaze over.

So how do we make business planning fun, exciting, and worthwhile for dealers?

Step 1: Think Big

Envisioning what you want your dealership to be is one of the reasons you became a dealer.

Allow yourself to think big in the areas of facility design, approaches to attracting and retaining talent, and developing unique customer acquisition/service initiatives.

Think: What could I do today that would forever change the way I do business?

Click the following link to read Dan Schneider’s post on the Automotive Buy Sell Report’s website titled:  Three Steps to Making Business Planning Fun for a Dealer

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Business Structuring

Business structures and agreements have a direct impact on areas such as, but not limited to, taxation, ownership control, shareholder access to cash flow, and family governance.  Agreements preclude disagreements. Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Business Structuring.

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