The last time Loyd and I were together, Loyd posed a question in regards to Overcoming Generational Issues Impacting Teamwork – “How do privately held businesses overcome the generational issues that have a direct impact on teamwork and business performance?” Loyd can never just ask a simple question. ”

Knowing that we could not answer this in one sit-down and one glass of wine, we decided to tackle the topic in a four-part series focused on:

  • Boomer perspective about Millennial’s
  • Millennial perspective about Boomers
  • Advice to Both

During our time together last month, Loyd and I spent most of the time discussing the events of the last few decades and the influences which has created culture shifts and/or what many are calling culture conflict amongst teams in the workplace. We were about to meet to go to a client meeting, and I was sure Loyd wasn’t gonna let much time go by until he dug back into the topic. I was hoping he would allow to me at least get a couple sips of coffee.

As we often do, we were meeting in a hotel lobby to share a ride to our next client meeting. We said our good mornings and because we only had about 25 minutes before arriving to our destination; Loyd got straight to the point. “Ok Doc,” Loyd said, “let’s talk about these Millennials and what perspective you could provide to Boomer’s to help them play nicer in business.”

Boomer Perspective about Millennial’s

Don’t assume your millennial family member employees, managers or employees are obsessed with Facebook if they are constantly noodling with their phone. These Millennials were born nerds and are likely logging into your server examining schedules, reports, etc. To support this point, before you start your next tirade about the time your millennial managers/employees spend on Facebook and the internet check with your Sales Manager on what proportion of your sales come from online channels such as your website or social media.

What you think is a distraction to productivity is a Millennial’s Life Control Panel. Most important, stop trying to motivate by hounding them about your 80 hour weeks. They are not going to be away from their friends, their family and the “good life” you have introduced, 80, 70 or even 60 hours per week. The reality is, unlike you they may be connecting with the business from the soccer field or their vacation. Remember your Millennial team members are never out of touch with anything they like, value or respect. I know it may be a shock to you but the Millennial work force does not measure success solely in terms of dollars and cents. Chill time is way high on their priority. Fact is, after you are gone, who-ever fills your shoes will likely trade some profitability for quality of life style.

Millennials, don’t think you have gotten off that easy.  Teamwork is about service to each other – check back in next month for Dr. Merlot’s advice to Millennial’s

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