The election is over and the 45th president of the United States will be sworn into office this week. Regardless of your political affiliation, a dynamic shift is upon us. We are transitioning from eight years of Democratic policy to a new era of Republican leadership. In addition to the change in party lines, we will have the first president in office that is one of the most recognized business names in the world and promises to run the government more like a business.

So now what do we do to prepare for any changes in the business climate? Put your pen to paper and get moving on your strategic plan. This means that if you have not yet established a plan for your business, you can consider the priority here to be that of critical. If you have a strategic plan in place but have not looked at it in the last three to five years, you are not getting off easy. Understand that what we have grown used to in the last eight years in terms of policy, legislation, business structure, and taxation, are all likely to change. This also means that any planning you have done as it relates to the prior administration, probably will need to be revisited and adjusted accordingly.

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