The Evil King vs. the Hand-Cuffed President – who do you want to be?

Our experience has demonstrated that the best way to position yourself and your successor is somewhere in the middle.

Certainly, no one wants to run a business without the autonomy to make critical operational decisions.

Creating a lasting business structure with the flexibility to evolve will require a discussion of “what ifs” specific to your business.

Finally, rewarding a key manager with stock ownership, or transferring shares to family members, is worth the effort to define how you would like to resolve issues of major importance before any appear.

Click the following link to read Jeff Bannon’s post on the Multi Unit Franchising’s website titled:  Franchise Business Partnerships – Evil King or Hand-Cuffed President?

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Business Structuring

Business structures and agreements have a direct impact on areas such as, but not limited to, taxation, ownership control, shareholder access to cash flow, and family governance.  Agreements preclude disagreements. Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Business Structuring.

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