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Jeff partners with the owners of capital-intensive businesses and their families to help navigate and attain their long-term business strategy and succession planning goals. For over a decade Jeff has collaborated with high-net-worth individuals and their advisors addressing complex personal financial and estate planning dynamics to ensure the business and family can thrive for future generations. Jeff has experience working in industries including multi-unit franchising, automotive retail and professional services addressing the sell/keep crossroad with business owners.

Jeff helps owners develop management bench strength and unravel complex interpersonal issues. He is frequently requested to speak and has authored articles for a variety of industry and local publications about strategies owners can use to overcome the complexities facing business succession. Jeff graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara and played professional baseball for eight seasons. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, an array of outdoors sports and activities, and coaching little league.

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Unlock Your Path to Multi Unit Franchisee Success

Mastering Objectives and Strategy for a Thriving Future Approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, 45% fail during the first five years, and 65% fail during the first 10 years. However, only 25% of new businesses survive for 15 years or more. These statistics have remained fairly consistent since the 1990s. While opening a new business has risks and challenges, multi-unit franchising is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to begin a venture with a recognized brand, products, and services, giving an [...]

Tackling Inflation’s Impact on Multi-Unit Franchise Operations

Strategies for Success Today's economic backdrop presents unique challenges, with inflationary pressures affecting businesses across a range of sectors. For franchise owners, particularly those overseeing multiple units, navigating swelling costs becomes a tightrope walk. However, with the right strategies, franchisees can ensure not only survival but also robust growth in this dynamic environment. The Inflationary Impact: A New Business Landscape Rising costs, spanning from raw materials to labor, are reshaping the financial terrain for multi-unit franchisees. With dwindling profit margins, there’s an amplified need to rethink business approaches, uncover fresh avenues for growth, and introduce technological solutions to bolster [...]

Mastering Multi-Brand Franchise Success: Strategies & Succession Planning

Dive into the intricate world of multi-brand franchise ownership, family businesses, and succession planning in this enlightening discussion. Join Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa, experienced succession planners from The Rawls Group, alongside Nate Riordan, the founder of West Coast Franchise Law. Together, they unravel the complexities of managing diverse brands and achieving organizational harmony tailored to franchisor requirements. Ownership and Management Strategies: Explore innovative approaches tailored for multi-brand franchisees. Uncover effective methods for handling diverse brands and establishing cohesive organizational structures that align seamlessly with franchisor requirements. Building a Robust Organizational Structure: Learn the art [...]

Lease Management: Expert Insights for Multi-Unit Franchisees

Welcome to our insightful discussion featuring Nate Riordan, founder of West Coast Franchise Law, alongside succession planning experts Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa from The Rawls Group. Together, they unravel the complexities of lease management and negotiations faced by multi-brand franchisees, offering invaluable insights into aligning leases with your growth and succession plan. Avoiding Personal Guarantees: Discover why clauses extending personal liability to owners can be detrimental in lease agreements. Learn about the impact on business composition changes and explore negotiation strategies for seamless transitions in ownership, ensuring your business stays protected. Coterminous Agreements: Explore [...]

Franchise Success: Understanding Your Goals and Planning for the Future

Multi-unit franchising is a popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to start a business with an established brand, products, and services. While franchising can offer many benefits, such as lower startup costs and support from the franchisor, success is not guaranteed. In fact, according to the International Franchise Association, about 20% of franchises fail within the first year, and another 10% fail within the second year. Therefore, having a clear understanding of one's goals and planning for the future is crucial to building a successful franchise. One of the first steps in building a successful [...]

Building a Legacy: Family Business Succession Planning for Multi-Unit Franchisees

For entrepreneurs and multi-unit franchisees, the dream of business ownership often revolves around creating wealth, enjoying a supportive lifestyle, and eventually reaping the rewards of a successful business sale. However, to turn this dream into reality, it's crucial to have a well-thought-out business succession strategy from the very beginning. In this article, we delve into the world of family business and succession planning, emphasizing the importance of protecting and growing your business for the long term. Protecting Your Business: Avoiding the One-Person Show: Many entrepreneurs start as the center of their business universe, but this model poses significant risks [...]

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