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Jeff partners with the owners of capital-intensive businesses and their families to help navigate and attain their long-term business strategy and succession planning goals. For over a decade Jeff has collaborated with high-net-worth individuals and their advisors addressing complex personal financial and estate planning dynamics to ensure the business and family can thrive for future generations. Jeff has experience working in industries including multi-unit franchising, automotive retail and professional services addressing the sell/keep crossroad with business owners.

Jeff helps owners develop management bench strength and unravel complex interpersonal issues. He is frequently requested to speak and has authored articles for a variety of industry and local publications about strategies owners can use to overcome the complexities facing business succession. Jeff graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara and played professional baseball for eight seasons. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, an array of outdoors sports and activities, and coaching little league.

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How to Gift or Sell an Asset AND Stay in Control

In our experience, business owners like to stay in control, in control of their business, real estate, and future.  So, when we talk about giving something away, we generally get pushback from our clients.   Ultimately, the goal from a tax perspective; is to keep as much of the wealth and equity within the family and minimize what Uncle Sam takes.  There are mechanisms available if you are an S-Corp or LLC that allow you to transfer just about all of the equity without giving up control. Listen in as Jeff Bannon, a Succession Planner with [...]

How to Sell An Asset and Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Many don't realize, but yes, an asset can be sold and you can avoid Capital Gains tax by leveraging an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust, also known as an IDGIT.  An IDGIT is a strategy for family businesses who want to keep the company in the family, with no interest in selling the business long-term, to get the business outside of the estate into an irrevocable trust without using Gift tax exemption. But, as you would expect, there are nuances which Jeff Bannon, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, and Kevin Gilbreath, a tax partner [...]

How Can I Protect Our Multiples & Value During Difficult Times?

Protecting the value of your business is what succession planning is all about. When going through, as well as, once on the other side of difficult times, take another look at your business with a fresh set of eyes.  Consider looking at your business from a buyer's perspective.  It is here you are able to identify whether or not you have your succession plan, estate plan, and operational/contingency plans in place to help protect the value of your business. Thank you to Gina Miller, a Partner with Bennett Thrasher, and our very own succession planner, [...]

Develop a Succession Plan to Protect Your Business and Assets

Without a succession plan, multi-unit franchisee owners are giving up their control over to the fate of the environment.  Every business owner should at least think through succession strategies.  Listen to Jeff Bannon’s insight which provides some next steps to get started and key issues to think through. There is 100% certainty an owner will face a succession dilemma and the only way to ensure you are in control is to develop a plan. Contact us and we can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes [...]

4 Key Areas Every Business Owner Should Take Control Of

As the world shut down in 2020, entrepreneurs lost control. No one can tell us when the next disaster will occur or whether it will happen in our lifetime. However, there is 100% certainty every business is confronted with some transition, also known as "Succession," whether through a sale, gift, or death. In the article, 4 Key Areas Every Business Owner Should Take Control Of, Jeff Bannon shares four key areas every business owner should take control of while they have the runway of time to do so: 1. Your Estate Plan Those of you who have not put [...]

How Can I, as a Car Dealer, Be More Pro-Active When Business Disruption Events Happen?

There is an old adage, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and COVID-19 is providing a lot of opportunity for us to learn and protect ourselves from a future crisis. Back in 2008-09 businesses learned the importance of having cash on hand, minimizing costs, cross training talent and ensuring succession plans were in place. These same core issues are at play with our current crisis and so we have the opportunity to plan for the unknown before it happens. Watch the short video to hear Jon Paul Davis, a Partner with HHM CPAs [...]


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