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Jeff partners with the owners of capital-intensive businesses and their families to help navigate and attain their long-term business strategy and succession planning goals. For over a decade Jeff has collaborated with high-net-worth individuals and their advisors addressing complex personal financial and estate planning dynamics to ensure the business and family can thrive for future generations. Jeff has experience working in industries including multi-unit franchising, automotive retail and professional services addressing the sell/keep crossroad with business owners.

Jeff helps owners develop management bench strength and unravel complex interpersonal issues. He is frequently requested to speak and has authored articles for a variety of industry and local publications about strategies owners can use to overcome the complexities facing business succession. Jeff graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara and played professional baseball for eight seasons. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, an array of outdoors sports and activities, and coaching little league.

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Family, It’s Complicated: Partners, Children, and the Bottom Line

“You Are like Family” is a phrase many often say to friends.  Over time and connectivity, the emotional ties with neighbors, teammates and colleagues grow to feel like family.  Bring this dynamic to your business, and the size and complexity of your family begins to grow exponentially. As a result, family dynamics can become quite complex. Thru acquisition, mergers, stock recognition plan, equity buy-in, or at the inception of the business, you are a or you have minority partners in the business.   Amongst partners, there are very simple, common expectations that, surprisingly, can be misconstrued. First--and foremost--is simply "We [...]

Examining How A Private Equity Partnership Can Help Your Business Grow

If you are a risk-taking multi-unit franchise owner and looking to grow your business quicker, you may be considering private equity.  Before you jump in , consider the following questions for "How do you get IN, and HOW do you get OUT?  From the “How You Get In” consider the following questions: What are the options available to securing debt? Where does private equity fit? Is your corporate structure appropriate for private equity? What are the “trendy” brands? Is it a good time to go to market? The biggest question to consider, which is why it gets it’s own [...]

How Do You Navigate Business Transitions When Next-Gen Is Not Interested In The Family Business?

When the next generation of family does not want to keep the business going, there are options available. You can liquidate, sell or keep the business long after you are gone. You first have to identify what your goals and vision look like, and then you need to rely on the help of a strategic partner to walk you through setting your business up for “what’s next”. Regardless of the direction you take, it is important you know the value of your business and those risks that may be lurking. Watch the short video for  [...]

What Does the New Normal Look Like for Multi Unit Franchisee During and Post COVID-19?

Flexibility and building trust are cornerstones as we move into the new normal. Safety protocols will continue to evolve and franchisees will need to be flexible in order to continue to navigate them. Kim Kraemer with Citrin Cooperman Accountants & Advisors, Michael Einbinder with Einbinder & Dunn LLP, Jeff Bannon with The Rawls Group discuss how we are not in this alone and the importance of creating more innovative customer experiences as we move forward. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with key take a-ways and will realize you will want more. Click [...]

Riding the Wave – Strategies for Multi Unit Franchisees to Survive and Thrive Post COVID-19

The measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 have created swift change to our business environment.  Some business' have had to close while some are scrambling to implement new strategies to deliver products/services to generate revenue.  It may feel like you have been dealt a pile of lemons, however; their are ways to make lemonade.  We are living with many unknowns, as you now listen to our panel of experts discuss , you will learn strategies to successfully ride the wave of uncertainty and will come out better for it on the other side. Questions Received By [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Franchise Business Partnerships – Evil King or Hand-Cuffed President?

The Evil King vs. the Hand-Cuffed President - who do you want to be? Our experience has demonstrated that the best way to position yourself and your successor is somewhere in the middle. Certainly, no one wants to run a business without the autonomy to make critical operational decisions. Creating a lasting business structure with the flexibility to evolve will require a discussion of "what ifs" specific to your business. Finally, rewarding a key manager with stock ownership, or transferring shares to family members, is worth the effort to define how you would like to resolve issues of major [...]


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