The Rawls Group, one of the nation’s most respected business succession planning firms, is proud to welcome Greg Sisa as our newest associate. From nearly a decade of service as a US Navy SEAL and as a co-founder of an entrepreneurship accelerator for the US and Israel Navy SEALs, Greg has extensive experience in strategic planning, leadership development, scenario planning, team building, and developing high-performing organizational structures.

“It is truly humbling to begin a career with this exceptional team at The Rawls Group, who have developed an amazing reputation as trailblazers in the succession planning process,” says Sisa. The Rawls Group’s mission of impacting lives and perpetuating family legacies is one that particularly resonates with my core values and professional background, so I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. This is going to be a life-changing journey as we establish new meaningful relationships together and continue to positively impact the lives of families around the country and across the globe.”

After transitioning out of the Navy in 2016, Greg focused on putting families on a path to success, which first began with his establishment of With Your Shield, a certificate program at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. With Your Shield focused on preparing and strengthening military families for the dynamic change to a civilian lifestyle. In addition, Greg co-founded Version Bravo, a multi-national entrepreneurship accelerator for US and Israel Navy SEALs whose mission is to transition the Navy’s elite performers into elite entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Rawls Group specializes in working with business owners and key leaders to address issues impacting the ongoing viability and sustainability of their business, including:

• Optimizing current business performance
• Recruiting, retaining, and motivating key managers
• Coordinating complex family, business, and estate planning dynamics
• Enhancing family relationships
• Developing successors
• Growing strategically

We serve as a catalyst to facilitate the discussion and resolution of sensitive issues so all are reassured about the organization’s current and future prosperity. By partnering with our clients and their advisors, we work to develop a plan that cultivates the leadership, culture, performance, and relationships that are critical to business success.

“I am delighted Greg has chosen to join The Rawls Group, providing depth and experience on the West Coast,” says David Ciambella, CEO of The Rawls Group. “Greg’s unique background and meaningful experience in charitable planning, strategic planning, and leadership development are a nice complement to our team and will surely add meaningful value to our clients and strategic partners.”

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