It is possible for process to become routine, and even more possible for the routine to replace the mission. When the routine becomes the mission, the mission is lost in the routine. The routine is not the mission. The routine is simply the currently agreed upon most efficient avenue by which the mission is accomplished.

Unfortunately, when a process becomes routine these practices can become status quo and become an impediment to growth. For example, “this is the way we do things” becomes more important than “this is what we are trying to accomplish” the routine has become a rut. In juxtaposition to establishing standard operating procedures, leaders and leadership teams must always stand ready to challenge the status quo.

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Business Performance

Business value is tied to performance. Top talent, strategic vendors, and creditors will be influenced by the organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. Traditionally, transitions generally bring with it a drop in profits.  It is crucial that your business is operating at peak performance in order to fulfill cash flow needs and expectations during times of transition.

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