The Rawls Group is proud to welcome Jéan Venant as our newest associate. Prior to joining The Rawls Group, Jéan worked as a manufacturer representative to retail automobile dealers. During this time, Jéan developed extensive expertise in strategic planning and enhancing performance of business operations.

“I am honored to be part of The Rawls Group team; an opportunity to be purposeful in my work with business owners to impact lives and cultivate legacies. This has always been my passion and I am grateful to be a steward of that mission to the men and women that have taken the risk of business in pursuit of their family goals.”

As a former business owner, Jéan appreciates first-hand the challenges involved in ownership. He understands the importance of hiring right and developing talent to support the organizational culture, the impact to the local community and building and achieving business goals. He also has a unique understanding of the influence of the owner’s leadership style and how it impacts business structure, management productivity and family dynamics.

The Rawls Group, specializes in working with business owners and key leaders addressing issues impacting the ongoing viability and sustainability of their business, including:

  • Optimizing current business performance
  • Recruiting, retaining and motivating key managers
  • Coordinating complex family, business and estate planning dynamics
  • Enhancing family relationships
  • Developing successors
  • Growing strategically

We serve as a catalyst to facilitate the discussion and resolution of sensitive issues so all  are reassured about the organization’s current and future prosperity. By partnering with our clients and their advisors, we work to develop a plan that perpetuates the leadership, culture, performance and relationships that are critical to business success.

“I am delighted Jéan has chosen to join our passionate and experienced planning team,.” says David Ciambella, CEO of The Rawls Group. “Jéan’s prior experience as a business owner in addition to his experience with automobile manufacturers brings an added dimension to our organization. I am confident Jéan will be a positive influence on our clients and on the entire Rawls Group team!”

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