Brand recognition is a significant advantage for franchise owners. It attracts customers and establishes credibility, which is often difficult to achieve as an independent business owner. However, this advantage can become a disadvantage if the corporate level engages in socially, economically, or morally unacceptable practices that the masses find objectionable.

To ensure the success of your business, it is crucial to address potential issues with succession planning. One area that requires careful consideration is reputation management. Failing to prepare can lead to a PR nightmare that could derail your business unexpectedly. It is essential to anticipate and be ready for any challenges. To put your business in a position of readiness, no matter what obstacles come your way, follow these three essential steps.

  1. Go through the exercise of problem-solving “What Ifs” scenarios.  Use our free tool to help you guide you through this scenario planning process. 
  2. Create a crisis communication strategy.  Leverage our Free Franchise Business Reputation Management Guide to help you craft your strategy.  Fill out the form below to download
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