In our last article, “Reflections – Past, Future, Present” we talked about reflections and how the holiday season is the one time of year that we find ourselves reflecting, without even trying.

In addition to reflecting during the holiday season, as a new year begins again, we are also no doubt thinking about what we would like to do differently, stop doing, or that new thing we would like to try.

We commit to a decision, and start off January with a new focus.

The reality is that resolutions tend to fall short as time goes on.

We start out strong, but I bet you can attest to not always sticking to the resolution.

You are in a very small minority if you have achieved your resolution throughout the year.

What about your franchise business?

As you have reflected on the past year, have you considered resolutions for the new year?

Are you committed to keeping them throughout the year, and do you have a mechanism in place to ensure you do not fall short on your commitment?

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The Succession Planning Matrix

Preparing a business to transition from one generation to another requires a focus on 10 key areas which we call the Succession Matrix.  Click the following link for more drill down resources on The Succession Matrix

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