I was sitting at my desk when Dr. Merlot sauntered in, sat down quietly waiting until I finished an email. As I hit the send button I realized something was up because he was never this patient. Curious for sure, I looked up and leaned back, “What’s up Doc? Anything wrong?”

He crossed his legs and fidgeted a bit answering, “Oh no, everything is fine.” He nervously fidgeted for a few seconds and then continued, “Actually, yes, something is wrong. Why do you think the newspaper wanted me to interview you and not the other way around?”

“I’m not sure Doc,” I replied with chuckle, “The first I heard of this interview was the editor’s email inquiry a couple days ago. If you think I should interview you, it’s fine with me.”

“No,” Doc responded, “let’s go with their request, just seems bizarre and you typically have limited appetite for the limelight.”

“Depending upon the subject Doc, I don’t mind the limelight and I do believe that auto dealers must prepare the industries changing environment. In contrast, you are willing to express an opinion on anything.

You are a hammer looking for an opportunity to bring the irrational back to reality. It’s good sport for you. In contrast, as a succession planner, I believe that the truth without compassion is just another form of brutality. I deal with confrontations that present themselves; I don’t go looking for it.”

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Strategic Planning

Vision, mission and core values are at the heart of the strategic planning process.  Click the following link for more drill-down resources on Strategic Planning.

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