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As a succession planner, Dan Iosue, CFP® leverages his more than a decade of experience in corporate leadership and financial planning working with clients to help them achieve their long-term business goals. Dan works with business owners and key executives to overcome challenges that impact business success, keeping them focused on sustainability and growth.

Dan grew up in Florida, and then attended Macalester College in Minnesota, where he played both football and baseball. Dan serves as a board member for the Crealde School of Art and is a Founder’s Club member of CrossFit Winter Park. In Dan’s spare time he also enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, photography, and working on his motorcycles.

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Bench Strength: How to Develop Your Bench and Make Changes to Your Roster

When we think about our organization and what keeps it strong and, if done right, provides plenty of bragging rights, it points right to our people. People are our biggest asset, and developing them, so they are loyal, dedicated, engaged, and all the other adjectives we use to describe the best of the best is what we call developing your organization’s bench strength. In "Bench Strength: How to Develop Your Bench and Make Changes to Your Roster," Dan Iosue points out it is important to recognize, each individual in your organization has different motivations, backgrounds, behaviors, and differing levels [...]

Only Some Family Want To Work In the Dealership(s), What Should I Consider?

Family businesses are complex and rewarding at the same time. Emotions, family dynamics and different expectations are involved, making it even more challenging. To ensure your vision for the business is carried out, and goals achieved, ensure you set the family up for success. Regardless of whether family wants to be involved or not, setting policies and expectations and communicating them clearly are critical. Watch the short video to hear  John Davis with Haig Partners and our very own Dan Iosue and Champ Rawls' insight on the burning question. As you listen to this episode you will [...]

As a Dealer, What Should I Consider as Dealerships Start to Reopen?

Bethany Lynch with MCM CPAS and Advisors and Dan Iosue and Champ Rawls with The Rawls Group offer insight into how dealers can successfully start to reopen. Key points to consider: Have a plan in place and communicate it to your people. Take into consideration your state and local guidelines and work towards creating a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers. Gather your key managers and include them in your plans for reopening. Work together, arm in arm, with an attitude focused on what you WILL get done versus what might not [...]

Leading Through Transition- Virtual Conversation

Our world is in a transition. And we have a choice - thrive or survive. COVID-19 felt like it happened overnight, without any warning, leaving many leaders scrambling to keep their teams engaged and productive. The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of many business transitions you will face as a leader. As you listen in, you will learn strategies that can be applied during any time of change. Questions Received By Attendees and Answered By Our Experts How can I make sure my team / clients know I am present for them? Such as questions to ask employees [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Business Structuring – 5 Steps to Help You Protect Profit and Performance

Succession Planning Process - Business Structuring Business structures and agreements have a huge influence on taxation, ownership control, transfer on gifts and estates, and shareholder access to cash flow. A critical component of the interdependent areas of the Succession Matrix®, business structures also protect owners by helping to achieve desired outcomes with any partners, involved family, and key managers. To get started, consider these 5 areas of the business structure checklist: Assess your current business structure and business document circumstances relative to your confirmed goals. Confirm your advisor team to assist with business structuring. Discuss business structuring goals and [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Identifying Goals & Vision As Your Business Grows

Franchise owners know what motivated them to get into business in the first place. But have you ever considered how your motivations or perspective on being in business have evolved over time? The motivation and perspective of the owner is a very important part of the value and growth puzzle of the business. New franchisees have different reasons for starting and operating a business than do seasoned franchisees. In order to ensure the ongoing forward progression and growth of your franchise, you must not only clearly identify your goals and vision but understand what is motivating you based on [...]

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