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As a succession planner, Dan Iosue, CFP® leverages his more than a decade of experience in corporate leadership and financial planning working with clients to help them achieve their long-term business goals. Dan works with business owners and key executives to overcome challenges that impact business success, keeping them focused on sustainability and growth.

Dan grew up in Florida, and then attended Macalester College in Minnesota, where he played both football and baseball. Dan serves as a board member for the Crealde School of Art and is a Founder’s Club member of CrossFit Winter Park. In Dan’s spare time he also enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, photography, and working on his motorcycles.

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On the Fast Track: Automotive Valuations and Succession Strategies

In the fast-paced automotive industry, strategic succession planning plays a pivotal role in the long-term success of family-owned car dealerships. The following outlines five key aspects of valuations and provides practical tips for effective automotive succession planning. 1. Maximizing Business Value Through Succession Planning Family-owned car dealerships must prioritize succession planning to enhance business value, sustain family ownership, and drive growth. Leveraging valuations can offer valuable insights into store performance and guide strategic initiatives for long-term success in the automotive sector. 2. Identifying Crucial Triggering Events in Automotive Succession Planning Unforeseen circumstances or triggering events can significantly impact valuation [...]

Family Business Valuation and Succession Planning: Understanding Key Triggers and Timing

Family businesses are not just about the present; they are about securing a legacy for the future. To achieve this, family business owners must navigate the intricate process of succession planning while also assessing the strategic growth and overall value of their businesses. In this article, we will explore the critical aspects of family business succession planning and valuation, including key triggers for valuations and the importance of timing. Key Triggers for Valuations: Valuations are not a one-time affair; they are often prompted by specific events or circumstances within a family business. Recognizing these triggers is essential for proactive [...]

Navigating Valuations and Succession Planning for Car Dealers

In the dynamic world of automotive dealerships, one constant remains, which is change. Whether you're a seasoned dealership owner or a key player in the automotive industry, understanding the pivotal events that trigger valuations is essential for informed decision-making and the continued success of your family business. In this video, we delve into the six overarching categories of events that can initiate valuations within the context of car dealerships. From wealth transfer and buy-sell agreements to strategic planning, litigation, dealership sales, and the passing of a shareholder, we'll provide valuable insights to help you navigate [...]

Timing Valuations for Car Dealers: When and Why

In the fast-paced world of car dealerships, knowing when to pursue a valuation for your business is a question that often puzzles owners. In this video, we explore the critical timing considerations for valuations, focusing on one area that demands precision: wealth transfer within the next generation of dealership owners. Join Scott Womack of Mercer Capital and Dan Iosue, a seasoned succession planner from The Rawls Group, as they shed light on the optimal timing for valuations in the automotive industry. Valuations and Their Significance For many car dealers, their dealerships represent a substantial portion [...]

Leveraging Valuations for Strategic Growth in Car Dealerships

In this enlightening video discussion, Dan Iosue, a succession planner from The Rawls Group, and Scott Womack, an experienced valuation expert from Mercer Capital, take a deep dive into the transformative potential of valuations for strategic growth within the realm of car dealerships. They emphasize that valuations offer car dealers a unique perspective into their business operations, providing insights and serving as the foundation for well-informed decision-making. Unlocking the Power of Valuations for Strategic Growth Valuations offer many benefits for car dealers, and one that stands out prominently is their role in facilitating goal setting. [...]

Unlocking the Value of Car Dealerships

In this enlightening video presentation, Dan Iosue, a seasoned succession planner from The Rawls Group, and Scott Womack, an esteemed expert in valuation services from Mercer Capital, come together to explore the key drivers that shape the value of car dealerships. As the automotive industry continues evolving and facing new challenges, understanding the factors determining a dealership's value is essential for owners and stakeholders. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dan and Scott shed light on the pivotal factors that significantly impact the valuation of car dealerships. A Deep Dive into Value Drivers Throughout [...]

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