Phase 2 – Plan Development and Implementation

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  This is where we hit the ground running. Phase II generally lasts about 12-18 months and is a highly collaborative and creative environment for developing solutions to meet your needs. What is referred to as an "Update Action Agenda" is used to organize and prioritize your most pressing projects amongst the planning team. This [...]

Phase 1 – Review and Analysis

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  Knowing where you are starting from and where you want to go is essential. The focus of this six to eight week process includes: Discussions with you about your goals, feelings, management team, family members and your vision for the future.  Discussions with your key managers, family and strategic advisors on similar topics.  Data [...]

Loyd H. Rawls, Chairman

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              Loyd H. Rawls is one of the nation’s leading succession planners. Since 1973, Mr. Rawls and his associates have provided business succession services for the owners and key executives of closely-held, capital intensive family businesses throughout the country. MORE     

Dan Schneider, M.A.

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    Dan Schneider specializes in working with families and organizations to design, build, and implement emotional and logical relationship systems and processes that increase human and financial capital and stakeholder value. MORE     

Jeff Bannon

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              Jeff partners with the owners of capital-intensive businesses and their families helping navigate and attain their long-term business strategy and succession planning goals. MORE     


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