Differences between siblings, cousins, in-laws, or between parent and child can be devastating to family relationships and the business.

It may begin with some small incident that escalates or a series of decisions that never gets resolved due to differences in perspective or opinion but regardless of the trigger, it can lead to devastating results for families and the businesses they own. Here are a few of the more flagrant issues we see.

A few of the flagrant issues we see include

  • Money
  • Power or Control
  • Jealousy

Some conflict between family members is normal. But constant conflict, especially that exhibited by outbursts and anger, are sure signs of dysfunctions within the family.

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Family Dynamics and Family Governance

Family dynamics exist in all family businessIt’s a tight rope we walk in terms of if it is an asset or a liability. Click the following links for more drill down resource on Family Dynamics or Family Governance.

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