The straight talking alter ego of Loyd Rawls, Dr. Merlot blends sarcasm and truth with heart and emotion. He consults with The Rawls Group and their clients in those hard to hear business succession planning conundrums. Loyd believes truth without compassion is pure brutality; however, Dr. Merlot believes truth is truth.

Struggling with business growth, family or legacy issues? Some may think succession planning to be a fairly dry subject, when in reality many of Dr. Merlot and Loyd’s adventures make Indiana Jones look like he is a rookie. For more than 40 years, Loyd Rawls has brought Dr. Merlot into conversations with business owners to wrangle, dodge, and overcome the diversity of issues impacting strategic vision and growth goals.

The Rawls Group team often finds that facts are often stranger than fiction. Working with family members and business owners requires a direct, bold and sometimes the cold hard truth approach to unravel the emotional knots that owners, leaders, managers, family and strategic partners find themselves in. If you want kitten gloves diplomacy, ask Loyd, if you want to get straight to the point, no holds barred – Dr. Merlot will set you straight.

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