For the last couple of month’s Loyd and I have been discussing generational differences and how to overcome issues they often create in the workplace. Loyd initially posed the question to me in December, but since this was such a big topic, we decided to break up the conversation into a 4-part series; tackling one topic at a time.

In December, Loyd and I discussed outside influences responsible for shaping generational perspectives on areas such as work-ethic, communication and technology. And in January, Loyd geared the discussion towards what advice would I give to Boomers and Millennials. So, as I sit here in the airport waiting for Loyd to meet me for our connecting flight; I am pondering what could be Loyd’s next question.

Loyd walks up, we say our hello’s, board the plane and as soon as we get to 10,000 feet, Loyd gets right to it. “Say Doc, not a lot of time on this puddle jumper, so let’s move on with this discussion on generational issues. Last month we focused on advice to Boomers about Millennials, so what insight do you have for Millennials working with Boomers?

Advice to Millennial’s about Baby Boomers

Your Mom/Dad or Baby boomer team member may not know how to send an invite on their phone or what snapchat is all about but they do know what it takes to run a successful business. Heed what the Chief is telling you about addressing the details, watching the expenses and earning respect. Sure, things have changed dramatically since your parents or “Boomer” colleague were in your position.

If you are a family member employee in a family business, remember, unlike you your parents have proven their capability, provided you an impressive lifestyle and did all of it without a net. They may be old but they are not dumb or out of touch as you think they are. Agreed you don’t have to work 70 hours a week but put in reasonable time to demonstrate your commitment and get the job done. Don’t take shortcuts on anything; they are traps set by managers and employees who assume you are a worthless brat and want to give you the opportunity to confirm it.

Check back in next month for Dr. Merlot’s advice to both Baby Boomers and Millennial’s

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