A common concern shared among business owners is “Where are all of the good people?”

There is a shortage of talent, and an even bigger shortage in up and coming leaders, which is requiring owners to focus more than ever on people development and investing in culture.

The norm today is to hire or promote an individual into management with the assumption they already have what it takes to lead.  Many lump managers and leaders into the same category. Yes, managers are in a position of leadership, but a title does not mean a person has the versatility to motivate and inspire their team.

In “Making Leaders Out of Managers,” Loyd Rawls shares the difference between Leadership and Management and key qualities it takes to be a leader.  Loyd defines the positioning/perspective of a manager who focuses on position, permission and production versus a leader as one who exemplifies: Trust in self and others and focuses on developing strengths in others.   A critical concept to understand is not all managers are meant to leaders.

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Leadership & Management Continuity and Successor Preparation

The ability to motivate and influence others to give up selfish priorities to work towards a common goal is a skill.  Just like a muscle, leadership, requires practice, development, and experience.

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