The long-term viability and success of dealership is no longer dependent on the operations of the store alone. The retail automotive industry is not the same as it was for our father’s and grandfather’s. Today, there are multiple generations working within the dealership, family member employees involved in the day-to-day, and competition is more than just the store in the next town.

Dealer owners, operators and managers need to be more agile and flexible than ever before in order to ensure the future of the business. Advancements in technology, generational shifts and demographics, continued changes in laws and legislation and manufacturer requirements impact all areas of ownership, and more than ever, focus must also be in the areas of recruiting and retention, short and long-term strategic planning, and preparing for owner transition and succession.

It is for this reason, The Rawls Group, in collaboration with NCM Associates is launching the NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program™. We have developed a curriculum that provides dealer owners, operators and managers access to a unique leadership development program that enables them to be agile and flexible in the face of the ongoing and rapid pace of change in the retail automotive sector.

This 10-month leadership development program covers operations, team management and synergy, successor identification and preparation and more. It is specifically designed to prepare the current and future dealer owners / principals for long-term success in the dealership and industry. This is done by tackling the unique challenges that successors face in dealerships with family dynamics, personal leadership styles and impacts of generational differences, and how these integrate and impact the overall operations of the business.

It takes more than learning how to run the dealership to ensure the legacy of the business. It takes being a leader that has the ability to navigate the challenges and change that are inherent in the retail automotive sector.

Once the student has a fuller understanding of their leadership style, the focus shifts to dealership sustainability training. This is accomplished through interactive discussions and coaching around the real-life issues dealers and successors commonly face that limit the strategic growth and long-term sustainability of the business. At the completion of the rigorous NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program™, students will be prepared to not only aptly guide their employees, but also lead their family’s legacy for years to come.

Visit with Kendall Rawls or David Ciambella at NADA 2017 at booth #3937 to learn more about the NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program™.

Not going to NADA? Contact us to receive to receive a NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program™ brochure here.

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