Kansas City, Mo., January 16, 2017 – NCM® Associates and The Rawls Group announce the launch of their new NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program, where leadership and legacy intersect.

A collaboration between two leading automotive service providers, the NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program offers an exclusive 10-month leadership development curriculum specifically designed with an emphasis on succession planning for current and future dealers to gain the critical knowledge, tools, and resources necessary for long-term success. ™

“Our experience confirms that manufacturers are implementing more stringent requirements regarding the attitude, knowledge, and experience of successor dealers,” says Loyd H. Rawls, CEO of The Rawls Group. “As succession planners dedicated to the totality of issues impacting continued prosperity of a dealership, we have been actively involved in all nuances influencing successor development and preparation. The Rawls Group is delighted to combine the unequaled training and facilitation services of NCM with our first-hand experience coaching dealers and their prospective leaders.”

Existing and developing dealers need a strong operational foundation and data analysis experience as well as strategies to build solid teams, maximize profitability, and drive success. Additionally, professionals working in family-owned businesses face exceptional challenges when leading relatives in the workplace.

The NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program incorporates management and behavioral science. Each attendee will complete an individual assessment that identifies their natural leadership style. This tool then serves as the cornerstone for faculty and students to develop deeper insight using each student’s natural communication style to build rapport and engage, foster buy-in, and lead those around them.

Once the student has a fuller understanding of their leadership style, the focus shifts to dealership sustainability training. This is accomplished through interactive discussions and coaching around the real-life issues dealers and successors commonly face that limit the strategic growth and long-term sustainability of the business. At the completion of the rigorous NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive program, students will be prepared to not only aptly guide their employees, but also lead their family’s legacy for years to come.

“Rapid changes in our industry, such as autonomous cars, ride-sharing companies and the electrification of vehicles, mean we need to adopt new approaches to training and leadership to help our clients succeed,” says Paul Faletti, Jr., president and CEO of NCM Associates. “This new program does just that, leveraging the retail automotive expertise at NCM and The Rawls Group’s succession planning knowledge to ensure current and incoming dealer principals have the tools and skills needed to lead their dealerships into the future.”

The NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program will debut at the 2017 NADA Convention and Expo in New Orleans. To learn more, visit The Rawls Group booth #3937 to talk with Kendall Rawls or the NCM Associates booth #4931 to speak with Brandiss Drummer. 


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