KFR-MUF-The-end-of-the-year.pngIt happens each and every year.  We come to the end and turn the calendar to the next one.

With each new year we look forward to what might come, as well as worry for the same. For many business owners when the economy is strong, there is little fear for the future. However, when the economy is uncertain or change is on the horizon bringing unknowns, it can impact business performance, and even business value.  Consider what success factors of your business and what they look like. In this article, Kendall Rawls offers you five questions to ask yourself as you prepare your business for the next year.

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Business Performance

Business value is tied to performance. Top talent, strategic vendors, and creditors will be influenced by the organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. Traditionally, transitions generally bring with it a drop in profits.  It is crucial that your business is operating at peak performance in order to fulfill cash flow needs and expectations during times of transition.

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