A recent article, “The Coming Recession: What Lessons Can We Learn in Advance,” made a simple, but significant point. We have recessions here in the United States. We don’t always know when they are coming, or how long they will last, but one thing is for certain, they happen. And when they do, franchise owners who have not paid attention to historical trends or developed a strategic plan for the next few years can suffer.

The franchise industry is on pace to have one of its fasting growing years in history. In fact, the International Franchise Association reported in August that in addition to the number of franchise establishments increasing by 1.6 percent this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the franchise sector will exceed that of the total US GDP. With all of this growth, many owners may not be looking to protect themselves against an economic or consumer shift – or a natural disaster such as Hurricane Maria, Irma, and Harvey.


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