The way you lead has a wide range of impacts on your business.

A business can survive and even thrive for some time with a fire-breathing ego-monster. However when looking to retain your best and brightest, this is not your best strategy. Sure, the opportunity to “run the show” one day may motivate them to endure it for a while, but unable to find an escape, they’ll act out in avoidance, confrontation, or passive aggressive battles.

How do you ensure your leadership style is motivational to your people? The answer depends on your desire to impact lives, retain talent, and perpetuate your business through key managers or family. Are you motivated by enhancing the lives around you? If so, then a change in behavior is one of the only paths to better results.

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Owner Motivation and Perspective

An owner’s perspective and attitude towards the business, employees and the community shapes the culture of the organization, attitudes of employees and customers.

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