In “Building an HR Department with The Right Recruitment and Development Tools”, Kendall Rawls shares that human resources is a complex environment and we often see the owner or a staff person taking on responsibility for these details on a part-time bases with a slew of other responsibilities. As such, it is easy to “step into” something that could have been prevented.

With this in mind, we asked Renay Winston, president of People Management Solutions, an HR consulting firm to provide his perspective. Winston believes that a human resources professional is one of those allies who can help you improve your business, and that there really is no question whether you’ll need someone with this expertise at some point in your growth.

Like Winston, The Rawls Group has seen many business owners try to handle everything on their own until it’s no longer feasible. Franchisees, with their strong entrepreneurial spirit, are unique in that they typically own these areas even longer.

Jeff Bannon, a partner with The Rawls Group, too often sees franchisees getting stuck only working in the business versus on the business, which impacts the organization’s ability to grow and achieve sustainable success.

We asked Winston what milestones are most important to add HR expertise. He says that it’s critical to begin with the end in mind and establish a plan where you set the foundation that allows the ability to add the right help when it’s most needed.

Winston says that there are two approaches to adding this critical position.

  1. First approach: Hire an experienced HR professional.
  2. Second approach: Develop an internal person who will become the HR manager.

To develop an internal person, Winston suggests engaging an HR consultant who will develop the individual and point them to the appropriate educational resources.

Ensuring the legacy of your franchise starts with making sure you have your highest risk areas protected. To learn more about Winston’s approach or his background and expertise reach out to him at renay.winston@people-1.net.

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Leadership & Management Continuity and Business Performance

An organization’s ability to motivate and retain committed and experienced leadership impacts an organizations ability to drive efforts towards performance benchmarks, especially during a time of ownership transition.

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