Jeff Bannon, one of our experienced succession planners, provided the readers of franchising.com insight on the difference between hiring and recruiting.

He has found that many organizations hire rather than recruit. The hiring process addresses the fulfillment of an immediate need rather than an intentional investment toward a long-term goal. He believes hiring is typically based on past performance or potential talent, not attitude, behavior, and work ethic. High turnover is most commonly the result of poor cultural fits, which reflects in performance and behaviors.

Bannon reminds us that we also need to remember that leaders are developed, not born. So, hiring an individual, providing a pay plan and job description is just the first step.

We asked Aicha Bascaro, CEO and founder of the American Franchise Academy to provide her perspective on the leadership landscape of the franchise industry. In her words, “There is a leadership crisis in the franchise industry.” Bascaro says that finding the right leaders is getting more and more difficult every day.

We agree with Bascaro that the ability to find great people, retain them, and develop them into future leaders is a critical skill for current entrepreneurs. Many franchisees are not giving it the attention it needs, which continues to cause the revolving door of turnover and leadership vacancies in their organizations.

Here’s what Bascaro suggests for franchisees having a leadership challenge in their organizations:

  • See all their current staff as potential future Managers, District Managers, and Ops Directors, and treat them as such
  • Maintain a manager roster that includes training levels, performance level, and leadership potential
  • Promote from within so that existing staff can see that they do have growth possibility and that will incentivize them to stay in your organization

The foundation of what we believe in and the work that we do at The Rawls Group starts with your people. We strongly encourage you to consider your leadership team and identify if you have what it requires to take your franchise into the future. To learn more about Bascaro’s approach or her background and expertise you can reach out to her at aichab@afamail.com or visit www.AmericanFranchiseAcademy.com.

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