“We are built for this” highlights the story of how two people with vastly different personalities and business beliefs found common ground to grow and successfully transition the business from gen 1 to gen 2.

Our very own succession planners Hugh Roberts and Jeff Bannon, along with Howard and Susan Drake of the Casa Automotive Group in Los Angeles discuss the process for overcoming differences in personalities and business philosophies to successfully transition the company from the first generation to the second.  Casa Automotive Group now has their focus towards positioning the third generation for greater success.

Click the link below and learn different strategies the Drake’s implemented which were key to their success and what they are doing today to prepare for the transition to gen 2 to gen 3We’re Build For This…How a California Dealership Group Keeps Business in The Family

Watch the video and then contact us to get some insights on  your own scenario. Even if you don’t become a client, 15 minutes with Hugh Roberts and Jeff Bannon may help you save years of headaches. Contact Us

The Succession Matrix 

Preparing a business to transition from one generation to another requires focus on 10 key areas which we call the Succession Matrix.  Click the following link for more drill down resources on The Succession Matrix

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