Leadership and Management Continuity

What Second-Generation Multi-Unit Franchisees Must Know

2024-06-13T12:02:23-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

As Father's Day approaches, many multi-unit franchisees reflect on the legacies built by their fathers. This occasion serves as a reminder of the hard work, dedication, and vision that established their family businesses. However, stepping into these well-worn shoes can sometimes feel like navigating a shadow rather than following a guiding light. The Challenge [...]

Succession Secrets: How to Cultivate High-Performing Franchisee Leaders

2024-03-15T12:59:49-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Leaders often appear as fearless visionaries in the multi-unit franchise business, marching boldly toward the seemingly impossible. Robert Jarvik, the mastermind behind the first thriving artificial heart, famously remarked that leaders possess a rare trait: a poorly developed sense of fear. But what if I told you that the essence of leadership isn't about [...]

From Hub to Hero: 10 Strategies for Dominant Multi-Unit Franchise Leadership

2024-03-15T13:18:44-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

In the dynamic world of multi-unit franchise ownership, effective leadership is the key to seamless business operations, even in the owner's absence. This is particularly crucial for those navigating growth and succession strategies. However, the conventional "hub and spoke" management approach, often seen in entrepreneurial-owned businesses and multi-unit franchises, can present challenges to smooth [...]

Unlocking the Secret to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

2024-01-11T11:20:51-06:00By |Construction, Succession Blog|

The Holistic Approach Every Business Owner Should Know In the highly competitive world of modern business, business owners must attract and retain exceptional talent to drive business growth and achieve the desired return on investment. While offering competitive salaries and benefits is essential, it alone cannot ensure employee satisfaction and loyalty. Fortunately, there are [...]

Building a Legacy: Family Business Succession Planning for Multi-Unit Franchisees

2023-10-05T14:43:31-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog, Video|

For entrepreneurs and multi-unit franchisees, the dream of business ownership often revolves around creating wealth, enjoying a supportive lifestyle, and eventually reaping the rewards of a successful business sale. However, to turn this dream into reality, it's crucial to have a well-thought-out business succession strategy from the very beginning. In this article, we delve [...]

Essential Behaviors of Effective Women Leaders | Part Three

2024-03-18T15:10:20-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Agriculture, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Welcome to the enlightening Part Three of our "What People Want From Their Leaders" series, dedicated to Women in Leadership. In this episode, we venture deep into the vital behaviors that individuals in positions of authority must embody. We explore the fundamental qualities that people seek and desire in leaders, [...]

Essential Behaviors of Effective Women Leaders | Part Two

2023-09-13T18:03:05-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Manufacturing, Succession Blog, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Welcome to Part Two of our enlightening series, "What People Want from Their Leaders," with a special focus on Women in Leadership. In this episode, we dive deeper into the qualities that spark inspiration and nurture meaningful connections. Building upon the fundamental elements of trust, flexibility, consistency, and patience explored [...]

Essential Behaviors of Effective Women Leaders | Part One

2023-09-13T18:11:46-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Distribution & Logistics, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Tired of untrustworthy, fickle, and insecure individuals masquerading as "leaders"? A recent meme from “somecards” sums it up perfectly: "You're not a Leader if nobody wants to follow you... You're just a control freak, power-tripping jerk who wants to be in charge." For years, employers have grappled with finding loyal [...]

Leadership VS Management

2022-09-22T11:42:32-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

How often have you seen ineffective leaders in senior-level positions? Likewise, how often have we seen a manager that demonstrates exemplary leadership skills? A question many of us probably don't ask ourselves enough is: what is the difference between management and leadership? Without careful consideration, many of us would probably question if there were [...]

Strategies to Attract, Retain and Motivate Employees

2022-08-26T11:48:04-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Create Control Over Your Energy Business, Energy, Succession Blog, Video|

People are the backbone of any successful business, and business owners across all industries have difficulty finding qualified talent to fill open roles.  No longer will people put up with toxic work environments or dead-end jobs; they want more for their future.  In this episode, Marty Kirshner, Partner with Gray, [...]

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