Qualified, loyal, and motivated employees are hard to find, and once you do find them, you want to keep them around.  Therefore, having a pulse on the organization’s culture is key to employee retention.  So often, there is a disconnect between leadership and the needs of the people.

John Dijulius of The Dijulius Group shared at the 2022 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference to “Stop Calling It a Labor Shortage, It is a Turnover Crisis.” People realize what they will and will not “take” from their employers.  Dijulius further shared, Days of lighting fires under people are over.  Days of lighting fires inside people are here.”

People know how valuable they are to organizations, and if they don’t feel respected and inspired, they will go somewhere else that can give them what they want.  Leaders who invest in developing inspired cultures benefit from organizations that are not people-minded.  Your best talent is the constant target of recruiters, so they know they have options.  And, as the world around us changes, so do the needs of your employees, which means you:

Must – Always – Get – In – Close

If you ignore their needs or remain unaware of them, you will lose them

Another key to enriching organizational culture is providing a path for professional growth.  Talent who are motivated to learn and take on more responsibility are the kinds of employees that enrich an organization.  At a minimum, focus on providing the following 4 elements to your people:

  1. Inspiration – Leads to engagement
  2. Autonomy – Gives responsibility
  3. Education- Leads to empowerment
  4. Communication- Offers transparency

Investing time, energy, and dollars into your culture is a talent magnet.  You will not only have motivated and inspired people, but you will also be able to develop a deep talent bench.  Our very own, Dan Schneider,  shares in Episode 7: “Should organizations intentionally review their talent?” that, like professional sports, organizations can benefit from creating talent depth charts to identify potential or areas to develop.  This also allows for identifying where you have people whose talent can be crossed over into other areas of the organization, which helps your employees develop a broader range of skills and keeps them challenged.

Remember, you won’t have to be afraid of losing talent if you utilize best practices to develop and retain your employees.

Don’t be afraid, be prepared.

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The article was originally published on the website: Secrets to Retaining Top Talent

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