The holidays can bring about a mixture of happy and sad emotions. Privately-owned businesses are unique in that your business is a family business. You may employ those related to you by blood and employ loyal people you have grown to care about beyond just dollars and cents. In a family business environment, mismatched expectations are common, especially during the holidays and year-end planning.

1. Practice the Pause:

When things get tight, conflict arises, or you feel simply uncomfortable, focus on breathing. It is powerful. It can change perspective and mood and help give you space to move past whatever has you feeling off-centered. Consider stepping outside or to a different room and take ten deep breaths, filling your entire body. Place your hands on the stomach to ensure you breathe deep into your belly.  As you breathe in and out, focus on slowing it down. Perhaps breathe in for 4 seconds and out for 5.  Then breathe in for 5 seconds, out for 6, and so on.

2. Understanding Your Locus of Control

There are certain things in your environment you cannot control. However, you can control your thoughts, emotions, how you view things, etc. The only thing you can control is youUnfortunately, we can’t control other people’s actions, options, perceptions, assumptions, or emotions. We can be impeccable with our word, empathetic and considerate; what other people choose to do is outside our control.

3. Arrive Grounded

Arriving at your best is easier said than done, especially when you are running from one business meeting to the next holiday party. Some may consider meditation or additional rest. Whatever you choose, you have to set the time and strategy that work best for you.  It may be taking a walk, fresh air, or an “it’s time to go” plan.

Often, we get thrown off our game by believing what people think or the stereotypes we have outgrown but others cannot let go of yet.  If you relate to this scenario, create a Belief Table to reconnect to your strengths today versus believing who people think you are. Listen to the quick explanation of making and arriving grounded in your beliefs:

4. Implement the “The Four Agreements” into your Lifestyle

The book has been transformational in personal, family, and business relationships. The two that inspire me most are not taking things personally and not making assumptions. So often, in our interactions with others, we want to create our own story and fill in the blanks based on what we “believe” they are thinking. However, we don’t know what they are thinking, which generally means we have fabricated something and the worse part is we are feeling stress and anxiety about something that likely isn’t even real.

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It is common to feel anxiety around the holidays, especially in a family business environment. But you can find the MAGIC; it is very close by because it is found in YOU, knowing what you can and can’t control and choosing how you want to show up.

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Family Dynamics and Family Governance

Family and Business alignment is hard to find when business issues liven up family dynamics.

However; with proper process, governance policies, and mutual respect built over time, a Family Business can thrive through multiple generations. Click the following links for more drill-down resources on  Family Dynamics and Family Governance.

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We can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business right away.