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Balancing Familiarity & Business Goals

2023-04-17T14:30:02-05:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

Many business owners struggle with conflict and unrealistic expectations among their leaders, employees, and families. To prevent this, it's crucial to create an attractive work culture that promotes bonding and understanding beyond just driving revenue. This can be achieved through company events, cultural practices, and getting to know each other on a personal level. [...]

A, B, & C Plans: Building Resilience for Business Success

2023-02-21T10:27:14-06:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

Growing a business is as much about strategically planning for potential threats and weaknesses as it is about delivering a high-quality product and service. Our business, economic, and political environments are in a constant state of flux, so it is essential to have a clear vision and goals, as well as strategic action plans [...]

Navigating Conflict: How to Avoid Communication Shipwrecks

2023-03-06T10:10:46-06:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

Understanding the Prevalence of Conflict Conflict is a prevalent challenge in business ownership. In recent times, we have seen the effects of conflict both on a global and local scale, with ongoing tensions in the Middle East, political instability in different countries, and disagreements between leaders. But conflict can also exist in our personal [...]

4 Family Business Tips for the Holidays

2022-12-02T13:22:57-06:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

The holidays can bring about a mixture of happy and sad emotions. Privately-owned businesses are unique in that your business is a family business. You may employ those related to you by blood and employ loyal people you have grown to care about beyond just dollars and cents. In a family business environment, mismatched expectations [...]

Is a Temporary Successor Right For You?

2022-10-11T11:11:57-05:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Family Business Balance, Video|

The value of the business is directly related to the reliability of future profits. Potential buyers, banks, investors, top talent, and strategic relationships all care about the sustainability of business performance. A temporary, or as we call it, a "Contingent Successor," provides a business owner and their family a strategy [...]

Essential Behaviors of Effective Women Leaders | Part One

2023-09-13T18:11:46-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Distribution & Logistics, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Tired of untrustworthy, fickle, and insecure individuals masquerading as "leaders"? A recent meme from “somecards” sums it up perfectly: "You're not a Leader if nobody wants to follow you... You're just a control freak, power-tripping jerk who wants to be in charge." For years, employers have grappled with finding loyal [...]

Mastering Time Management: Strategies for Women in Leadership

2023-09-14T12:29:03-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Distribution & Logistics, Video, Women In Leadership: Your Tribe|

Welcome to part two of our insightful discussion on optimizing your time management for maximum impact, a topic of particular relevance to women in leadership roles and aspiring female leaders. In this episode, we delve deeper into effective strategies for assessing and prioritizing tasks to ensure they align with your [...]

Four Secrets to Family Business Holiday Success

2022-11-14T15:39:18-06:00By |Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Family Business Balance, Manufacturing, Multi-Unit Franchising, Professional Services, Succession Blog|

When it comes to the season of family, otherwise known as “The Holidays” it is common to experience fear and anxiety. We all want it to be like the best holiday movies, but the reality isn't a hallmark movie. There is a secret to creating a happy holiday, or season [...]

5 Winning Recruiting Strategies

2021-10-12T16:02:20-05:00By |Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Energy, Manufacturing, Multi-Unit Franchising, Professional Services|

When times are going well, recruiting, and retaining talent is challenging. When times are going great amidst a pandemic, it has become downright almost impossible.  Business owners are facing talent shortages like never.  The competition is across industries, local and state borders.  The transition to flexible and remote work environments are enticing workers to [...]

Bench Strength and Succession Planning

2021-04-05T09:32:05-05:00By |Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Leading Your Business Through Transition, Manufacturing, Multi-Unit Franchising, Newsletter Archive, Professional Services, Succession Blog, Succession Matrix-10 Point Perspective|

The term bench strength may appear abstract and very indirectly placed in your business as most would consider the term (bench-strength) to define one person laying on a bench-press while on the brink of lifting a weighted bar. However, if we conceptualize the components of skills, capabilities, experience, and who contributes those components daily [...]

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