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David’s finance, management, sales and marketing background make him the go-to resource to help drive long-term growth and profitability for clients. David has specialized in the launch and growth of independent startups and new business units across multiple industries, working with CEO’s and executive management to achieve aggressive growth goals and prepare their organizations for eventual sale. As a member of The Rawls Group, David focuses his work with owners and management teams specializing in strategic planning, business performance, management synergy and teamwork. He helps identify areas that effect performance and culture – transforming managers into effective leaders.

David is a graduate of East Carolina University where he earned a BSBA in Accounting. He grew up in a family automobile business where both 2nd and 3rd generations are still active today. His personal family business experience laid the early framework for learning about closely held family owned businesses along with the challenges and opportunities they represent.

David speaks at industry meetings and events as well as helps conduct workshops in the area of general succession planning. He also serves on several advisory boards for charitable organizations.

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Episode 6: If Planning is a No Brainer……

Our succession planners with The Rawls Group, Hugh Roberts and David Weaver, along with Kevin Gilbreath, a Tax Partner with Crowe, have been discussing various advanced tax planning dynamics in our conversation series “Planning Post Pandemic and The What’s in It For Me.” With the benefits of the current planning environment combined with the highest estate tax exemption in history potentially going away with the Biden administration, engaging in planning now is an obvious next step. However, there are many business owners not moving forward. In this episode the discussion focuses on what seems to [...]

What Can Businesses Do To Prevent a COVID Like Interruption in The Future?

The unfortunate reality of a crisis, like COVID-19, is not every business survives. It is sad, but it is part of the correction that takes place when markets might be saturated, or where there might be underperforming units. Owners can work towards protecting themselves in the future by leveraging what is being learned now, as well as ensuring a proper strategic plan is in place. Critical to business success is to plan for the unknown so that you can build resiliency and flexibility in all areas of your operation. Watch the short video to hear [...]

What Can Car Dealers Do to Prevent Interruptions, Like COVID, In the Future?

Technology is one of the biggest areas of change for dealers coming out of COVID-19. Digital and online technology has enabled dealers to provide an enhanced and unique customer experience while keeping employees and customers safe. Customers are able to browse and buy vehicles, navigate the F&I process, schedule pick-up and deliveries, all keeping dealers thriving through the crisis. For dealers who are taking advantage of technology and leaving the old way of servicing and selling behind, the future is bright. For dealers who are not, it presents an opportunity to identify an exit strategy as [...]

Opportunities To Act On Before 2021

The Perfect Storm. You’ve probably seen the movie and this year, we all probably sense that we are making history from within a Perfect Storm of a pandemic, political and social unrest, and economic turmoil. I’ve read several articles recently that have borrowed that title to describe a different scenario - factors that have come together here at year-end that provide perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to implement gifting strategies to reduce the tax burden on your children and descendants. These factors —depreciated asset values caused by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the economy, record-low interest rates, and record-high estate [...]

What Are Strategies To Help My Son & Daughter Work Better Together?

Conflict is inevitable in business, even more so in the family business. Understanding the impacts of differing personalities and behavioral traits is a key component for setting siblings up for success. Varying styles of communication, differing motivating factors and even differences in how one may handle stress can create unnecessary conflict. The upside is that you can have family harmony amongst your children, and it is not as hard as you might think! Thank you to our very own Jeff Faulkner, David Weaver and Dan Schneider for sharing expert insight As you listen to this [...]

As Seen in Multi-Unit Franchisee Report – Plan Now for the Other Side of the Pandemic

As we begin to see the first signs of the economy opening from the global pandemic meltdown of the last few months, it makes sense to look at your business through a different lens. Now is the time to plan for the other side. If you wish to come out of this pandemic with a renewed vision and passion for your business, let’s look at some things to consider. Communicate with your staff. Communicate with your customers. Learning and development. Bring your management team together. Successor development. Facilities improvements. Staffing. Strategic Planning. Conclusion Recovery may take many months, meaning [...]


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