Weird, frustrating, disconnected, lonely, walls closing in, my kids driving me crazy – these are all words people are using to describe how social distancing feels to them. Even Bill Gates said on TV today that it is ‘disconcerting’ – “you wake up and realize people are going to leave food at my door and I won’t see them or interact with them.” Gates said, “and I’m a guy who is used to spending hours on my computer!” Even Bill Gates!

Unfortunately, when feeling anxious, we can get overwhelmed and go to our dark side.

  • There are many different ways this gets expressed depending on our personality.
    • Are you becoming very demanding?
    • Have you found yourself shouting and verbally attacking your family or co-workers?
    • Do you find yourself wanting to check out – go into your shell and just shutting down? – Driving your family crazy because they don’t know what to do to be able to relate to you.

Yesterday, on a Rawls Group webinar, my partner Dan Schneider said, “most people’s fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.” So, it is critical that we stay physically healthy via extra rest and exercise and we stay socially active.

I spoke with a client who said he was overwhelmed by the number of things he’s having to deal with all at once to address the crisis at his business. I could hear the fatigue in his voice. – Prioritize what is important and focus on getting that done.

How are we going to stay socially active when we’re isolated via being “sheltered at home”?

  • Zoom social events – group of guys – BYOB – why are we meeting? What’s the purpose? It didn’t matter – we joked – we asked how each was doing – how are you families – we shared info – we all came away saying it was great being together and seeing each other’s faces.
  • Zoom work meetings – The Rawls Group is meeting 3 times a week – 15 minutes of checking in with each other and 45 minutes of having one of the partners share regarding a subject of interest.
  • Zoom work-social meetings – one client is forming groups of employees with a similar interest, hobby, like those with kids at home or those with elderly family members – meet once a week to offer support and have fun. So, when they return to work, they will connect.

Social distancing is our new normal – so be proactive and find ways to connect with your family, friends and business family. So, the best you is what people experience.


Watch Hugh’s Video: How is Social Distancing Impacting You?

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