NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program

Who Will Be the Leader?

2017-05-12T03:38:43-05:00By |Succession Blog|

Ensuring the future success and sustainability of a dealership is not based solely on operational knowledge and efficiencies. In fact, identifying and developing future leaders is critical to building sustainable dealership value. This involves overcoming leadership barriers that lurk in areas that most tend to overlook. No longer is auto industry knowledge and experience enough [...]

NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program: Where Leadership and Legacy Intersect

2019-06-28T12:41:19-05:00By |Succession Blog|

The long-term viability and success of dealership is no longer dependent on the operations of the store alone. The retail automotive industry is not the same as it was for our father’s and grandfather’s. Today, there are multiple generations working within the dealership, family member employees involved in the day-to-day, and competition is more than [...]

NCM® Associates and The Rawls Group Announce New Leadership and Succession Program

2017-01-11T18:38:43-06:00By |Uncategorized|

Kansas City, Mo., January 16, 2017 – NCM® Associates and The Rawls Group announce the launch of their new NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program, where leadership and legacy intersect. A collaboration between two leading automotive service providers, the NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program offers an exclusive 10-month leadership development curriculum specifically designed with an emphasis on succession [...]

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