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Most people are leaving a lot of opportunity to build business value through succession planning. Download our free report now to learn what opportunities you may be leaving on the table and how to optimize your business secession planning process. In this document, Kendall Rawls, Director of Development here at The Rawls Group, dives into the challenges that many family-owned businesses, auto dealerships, manufacturers, and dozens of other business face when dealing with business succession planning, and goes in depth on how these problems impact your succession planning strategies. Get your copy today and start securing the future for yourself, your business, and most importantly your family.

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To see more from Kendall Rawls, click here to check out her article in Digital Dealer titled: “Debunking the Succession ‘Misconceptions'” where she further discusses the 5 Misconceptions of Business Succession Planning.

For more great resources and succession planning strategies, be sure to take a look at our Book Store or our Tools & Resources where we have a number of great documents and articles to assist with your family business succession. Also, be sure to listen to our Succession Podcast where we discuss trends and tips on how to optimize your succession planning.

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