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Jéan Venant has a passion for helping business owners achieve their goals of building lifelong sustainability and building their legacy.  He works with clients ensuring their dreams are realized and that their hard work thrives and lives through future generations of the business. Jéan understands the importance of relationships. His background provides expert insight into what business owners go through, and the unique circumstances impacting their lives behind the curtain of business.

Having worked as a manufacturer representative to retail automobile dealers Jéan developed extensive expertise in strategic planning and enhancing business performance.  As a business owner, he appreciates the challenges involved in ownership first-hand. He understands the importance of hiring right and developing talent to support the organizational culture, the impact to the local community and building and achieving business goals. He also has a unique understanding of the influence of the owner’s leadership style and how it impacts business structure, management productivity and family dynamics.

Jéan holds a degree in Organizational Management and lives in Orlando, FL. Having a heart for community service, Jéan has volunteered for Orange County Public Schools; he is also an avid musician and a happy husband and father.

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Succession Planning for the Meat Business

Jéan Venant shares insight on how to navigate the succession planning process and how to prepare the new owners for leadership positions.The webinar covers:Handling the financial aspects of a succession planMaintaining fairness when a business is transferred to multiple siblingsPreparing the next generation for new responsibilitiesSuccessfully preparing for retirementClick the following link to listen to Jean's insight on the National Provisioner website: Succession Planning for the Meat BusinessRead the article and then reach out to us to get some insights into your own situation. A few moments with us will provide you insight and clarity for your next steps forward. [...]

How Can Franchisees and Dealers Retain or Increase Their Sales?

Unknowns and uncertainty can have a direct negative impact on culture. Emotions stir internally, therefore a store manager has to reset the thermostat to a “we will thrive” setting. How you react matters when coming out of a pandemic, crisis, or any other situation in which your employees may be confused and concerned. Clear communication, being flexible, and taking a realistic look at your operations are all key considerations for how you can retain or increase your sales (not to mention your people, too). Another key element to coming out of the crisis is looking [...]

What Should I Do Now to Operationally Protect My Business From the Unknown?

The unknown is unpredictable and unavoidable. However, you can protect your business from an operational perspective in some very simple ways. One of the most critical components revolves around communication. Clear, open, and consistent communications with clients, customers, and employees help to keep rumors and uncertainties to a minimum while building trust. Another important area to focus on is cash conservation, or access to cash when a crisis hits. As we’ve learned, cash is king, and the more liquid you are when an unknown hits, the more flexible and agile your organization can be. Other [...]

What if Family Doesn’t Want, or Have the Ability to Fill Your Shoes as Leader?

Some sort of transition strategy, or a succession plan, is critical for every family business. What will the future look like, will it stay in the family, do we want to sell are 3 critical questions to consider. Listen in and learn from Jean Venant, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, about what options you have available if you do not have a family member interested or capable to fill your shoes as a leader. Read Jéan's Article on the Topic Contact Us We can help you with [...]

Creating Leadership Bench Strength for Succession Planning

Listen in to Jéan's insight into how to create organizational bench strength to power your business through transition. The term bench strength may appear indirectly placed in your business as the term generally relates to a weight lifting exercise. However, just as an individual leverages a bench press to create power and strength in their body; top talent creates power and strength in businesses. if we conceptualize the components of skills, capabilities, experience, and who contributes those components daily to the front of your business, it would then be apparent that your management team would [...]

Bench Strength and Succession Planning

The term bench strength may appear abstract and very indirectly placed in your business as most would consider the term (bench-strength) to define one person laying on a bench-press while on the brink of lifting a weighted bar. However, if we conceptualize the components of skills, capabilities, experience, and who contributes those components daily to the front of your business, it would then be apparent that your management team would fit the direct descriptive title of bench-strength. These highly skilled individuals create a buffer and apply critical thinking around the issues, adjustment, and success amongst your customers, employees, and [...]


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