Operational Excellence & Business Performance

Over 11 episodes, Jean Venant with The Rawls Group and Tom Olney who is a Partner of Owl Automotive Consulting provides their insight on Operational Excellence and Business Performance during times of transition like COVID-19.

As car dealers, you are constantly faced with the unknown. Manufacturer issues, recalls, economic changes, and what many have never experienced in their lifetime – pandemics. All these dynamics create disruptions or transitions in your business, which require operational excellence to succeed through the change – or what many may refer to a as a strategic succession strategy.

This is one of many topics discussed in our Advancing Your Business, People and Legacy Podcast. For additional topics visit our Succession Podcast page.

Episode 1 – What leaders need to be aware of & what do employees need during time of transition?

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Due to COVID-19, people are emotionally stressed and flooded with the unknown. As leaders, we have to be aware of the change of focus and perspective our people are showing up with to work. Are they safe, is their family safe, how is the health of their community. Employees need [...]


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