Advisor Collaboration

To clear up a common confusion, we are not lawyers or accountants; however we understand the critical role they have – and we need them to get the job done!

We partner with your other key advisors to ensure you have the best team of professionals working to accomplish your goals.

The Impacts of Family Dynamics on the Transition of Leadership in a Multi-Generational Dealership

2020-01-16T20:02:48-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Video|

In a collaborative effort to demonstrate some common roadblocks that both DHG Dealerships and The Rawls Group often sees within family-run dealership clients who are in the process of making leadership changes, this case study will briefly analyze the family dynamics between Sam (dealer) and his son, Mark. Background At 80 years-old, Sam is [...]

Accountants and Business Succession Planning, What’s Their Role?

2013-07-16T21:00:00-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

As a dedicated business succession planner my most important role is team facilitator. My role is to ensure that my clients have a complete planning team that represents the necessary disciplines needed to accomplish business succession, and that the team has the appropriate vision and works together effectively. Just like operating a successful business, business [...]

Accountants and Business Succession Planning – How to Get More Involved

2013-07-16T20:55:00-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

I am fortunate to have many wonderful relationships with my clients' accountants. We take a sincere interest in the each other's welfare and they recognize the high degree of personal gratification I receive from significantly impacting their clients' succession planning. The conversation often includes them telling me, "Loyd, you are doing what I have been [...]

Accountants and Business Succession Planning – How to Become a Succession Planner

2013-07-16T20:50:00-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

 Accountants who seek new challenges and opportunities can be full-time dedicated succession planners. In fact there are many progressive accounting firms that have partners dedicated to being proactive in succession planning. These specialists within the accounting firm work with existing clientele and also serve as an independent profit center as they pursue new clients outside [...]

Succession Planning – Art and Passion

2013-03-04T16:52:00-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

His ball was moving right and settled in the grass about ten feet away. As the leader of the senior tournament approached, I moved close to watch an amazingly small, relatively elderly, scrawny yet pot bellied gentleman size up his next shot, consult with his caddie and select his club. He briefly simulated his desired [...]

Succession Planner Adapts to Charlotte’s Rules

2013-01-01T09:43:00-06:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

Business succession planners are by nature "roadies." Succession planners are unique individuals with a diverse set of financial, investment, legal, accounting, coaching, mentoring and psychological skills that are offered in a way that is unique to each planner and compatible to a certain segment of clients. Due to the unique nature of the service and [...]

Family Business Advisor Teamwork

2010-11-05T15:16:00-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration|

Family businesses rely on teamwork. The family infrastructure sets the inherent expectations and role model (good or bad) for teamwork to management and employees. The family team concept should also apply to their advisors. Most families base their advisor decisions upon relationship, often times with tenure taking blind precedence over the quality of service.  Although [...]