We are all dealing with something, whether it be a small inconvenience that throws the day off or losing someone you love. Whatever we are mentally and emotionally juggling influences communication and interactions with loved ones, friends, and work settings.

The ability to recognize what may be influencing our behaviors allows you to gain control over emotions and create positive interactions with those around you. Additionally, recognizing others can also be influenced by dynamics outside their control allows you to give them space, and the benefit of the doubt when they are uncharacteristically emotional, angry, or difficult to work with.

Listen to Your Tribe, discuss strategies for dealing with stress, identify when it is best to let go of emotional baggage, and give space to others who may also be processing difficult events in their life.

0:00 Your Tribe Introduction
1:25 Nothing Has Meaning, but the Meaning You Give It
2:41 Showing Up the Way You Want During Stressful times
4:40 Creating a Practice of Dropping the Baggage
5:27 Everybody is Dealing with Something
6:52 It Has Nothing to Do With You
9:45 Practicing The Four Agreements
12:50 Fifth Agreement: Nothing Has Meaning, but the Meaning You Give It
16:33 Conclusion

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Your Tribe:

Thank you to our 5 excellent coaches for sharing insight and perspectives and showing the power of vulnerability.  Learn more about our individual backgrounds: Your Tribe

Thank you to our 5 excellent coaches for sharing insight and perspectives and showing the power of vulnerability.

Aimee Allen
Haig Partners

Brigitta Hoeferle
The Center of NLP

Cindy Kavanagh

Jeanne Zierhoffer
JZ Lifestyle Team

Kendall Rawls
The Rawls Group: Business Succession Planners

“Your Tribe” is produced by The Rawls Group – Business Succession Planners.

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