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Family Business Success – Leadership Lessons from a Navy SEAL

2024-03-22T08:23:36-05:00By |Commanding Success in Leadership & Legacy, Succession Blog, Video|

How to have success in leadership Ever wondered how military precision and leadership can transform your business strategy? In this enlightening video, Greg Sisa, a Succession Advisor at The Rawls Group and former Navy SEAL, delves into the critical leadership lessons he's learned. Key Highlights: Understanding Your Team: Greg emphasizes [...]

In the Trenches of Business: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Succession

2024-03-21T10:38:38-05:00By |Commanding Success in Leadership & Legacy, Succession Blog, Video|

How does the Navy SEAL Creed help guide succession? Is the guide to success in enduring business leadership hidden within the Navy SEAL Creed? Discover how Greg Sisa, a former SEAL turned Succession Advisor, unveils the powerful tenet of being 'ready to lead and be led'—a principle that could revolutionize [...]

Mastering Succession: The White Belt Mentality in Business Leadership

2024-03-21T10:38:30-05:00By |Commanding Success in Leadership & Legacy, Succession Blog, Video|

What is the 'White Belt Mentality' in business leadership? Ever wondered how a Navy Seal's mindset could revolutionize business leadership? In this compelling video, Greg Sisa, a seasoned Succession Advisor with The Rawls Group and former Navy Seal, unveils the transformative power of the 'white belt mentality' in business succession [...]

Breaking Hub-and-Spoke Management Culture to Create Growth & Succession Options

2024-03-15T12:57:22-05:00By |Energy, Succession Blog|

In the dynamic realm of propane, oil, and gas businesses, effective leadership is vital for smooth operations, growth opportunities, and family business succession planning options, especially when the owner isn't present. Consider a case study example to help you identify if your business is suffering from a hub-and-spoke management culture and learn actionable steps [...]

Unmasking Entitlement: Protecting Your Dealership’s Success

2024-03-14T17:27:38-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog|

In the bustling world of the car business, success hinges on the quality of the customer's experience and the strength of the team behind the dealership. However, there exists a silent threat that can undermine even the most promising businesses: entitlement. Here, we'll explore how entitlement can creep into your dealership, how to identify [...]

Succession Secrets: How to Cultivate High-Performing Franchisee Leaders

2024-03-15T12:59:49-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Leaders often appear as fearless visionaries in the multi-unit franchise business, marching boldly toward the seemingly impossible. Robert Jarvik, the mastermind behind the first thriving artificial heart, famously remarked that leaders possess a rare trait: a poorly developed sense of fear. But what if I told you that the essence of leadership isn't about [...]

From Hub to Hero: 10 Strategies for Dominant Multi-Unit Franchise Leadership

2024-03-15T13:18:44-05:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

In the dynamic world of multi-unit franchise ownership, effective leadership is the key to seamless business operations, even in the owner's absence. This is particularly crucial for those navigating growth and succession strategies. However, the conventional "hub and spoke" management approach, often seen in entrepreneurial-owned businesses and multi-unit franchises, can present challenges to smooth [...]

Sacrifice & Succession: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Legacy Building

2024-03-21T10:41:44-05:00By |Commanding Success in Leadership & Legacy, Succession Blog, Video|

Family business sacrifice Did you know that the principles of legacy and sacrifice in the Navy SEALs have a surprising parallel in family business succession? In this insightful video, Greg Sisa, a former Navy SEAL turned Succession Advisor with The Rawls Group, delves into the depths of commitment and dedication [...]

Accelerating Growth: Proven Automotive Succession Strategies

2024-03-18T14:58:58-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail, Succession Blog, Video|

Treating People Well: The Foundation of a Strong Brand Perception In an insightful conversation focused on Succession Planning and Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail with Jason Stein from Flat Six Media, George Karolis of The Presidio Group, and Champ Rawls, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, George Karolis emphasizes [...]

Accelerating Growth: Developing Leadership Bench Strength to Drive Success

2024-03-28T13:02:17-05:00By |Automotive, Succession Blog, Succession Strategies for Minority Car Dealers, Video|

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, growth and expansion are crucial to success. However, the growth process can be internally daunting, especially when it involves bridging the gap between your managers and leaders' knowledge and experience. Evaluating and creating a management and leadership depth chart is the first [...]

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