Management Synergy and Teamwork

Revolutionizing the Auto Dealership Industry: The Power of Branding and Culture

2023-09-28T12:04:15-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail, Succession Blog, Video|

Treating People Well: The Foundation of a Strong Brand Perception In an insightful conversation focused on Succession Planning and Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail with Jason Stein from Flat Six Media, George Karolis of The Presidio Group, and Champ Rawls, a succession planner with The Rawls Group, George Karolis emphasizes [...]

Accelerating Growth: Developing Leadership Bench Strength to Drive Success

2023-08-11T13:31:09-05:00By |Automotive, National Association of Minority Auto Dealers, Succession Blog, Video|

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, growth and expansion are crucial to success. However, the growth process can be internally daunting, especially when it involves bridging the gap between your managers and leaders' knowledge and experience. Evaluating and creating a management and leadership depth chart is the first [...]

The Winning Formula in the Car Business

2023-09-28T12:06:56-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail, Succession Blog, Video|

Operating like a Public Company, Promoting like a Private One: Unveiling the Dual Strategy The car business relies heavily on two crucial elements: people and capital. For business owners looking to succeed in this sector, Champ Rawls, Succession Planner at The Rawls Group, recommends a winning formula that incorporates the [...]

Nurturing Sustainability in the Evolving Car Business

2023-09-28T12:14:39-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Strategic Considerations in Automotive Retail, Succession Blog, Video|

The Business Cycle: Embracing Change and Managing Talent In today's fast-paced car business, it's essential to mitigate the downside of the next business cycle and address the pressing challenges of recruiting and retaining talented employees. George Karolis from The Presidio Group offers valuable insights into the discussion, emphasizing that the [...]

Balancing Familiarity & Business Goals

2023-04-17T14:30:02-05:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

Many business owners struggle with conflict and unrealistic expectations among their leaders, employees, and families. To prevent this, it's crucial to create an attractive work culture that promotes bonding and understanding beyond just driving revenue. This can be achieved through company events, cultural practices, and getting to know each other on a personal level. [...]

Key Strategies for Retaining and Attracting Talent in Today’s Business World

2023-04-19T09:33:46-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Franchisee Succession: How to Grow & Build Value, Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog, Video|

In today's competitive business world, attracting and retaining top talent is essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve. While competitive salaries and benefits are important, they are not the only factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and loyalty. In this article, we'll explore some key strategies that companies [...]

Unlock the Secrets to Prepare Your Business for Future Challenges

2023-02-14T09:11:46-06:00By |Multi-Unit Franchising, Succession Blog|

Multi-unit franchisees face an uncertain landscape with the effects of Covid-19 on the economy. As succession planners, we are often asked how to create strategies to grow and protect our business in such a changing environment. Whether it be investing more and risking more, or pausing and reflecting on current processes, it is important [...]

Navigating Conflict: How to Avoid Communication Shipwrecks

2023-03-06T10:10:46-06:00By |Distribution & Logistics, Succession Blog|

Understanding the Prevalence of Conflict Conflict is a prevalent challenge in business ownership. In recent times, we have seen the effects of conflict both on a global and local scale, with ongoing tensions in the Middle East, political instability in different countries, and disagreements between leaders. But conflict can also exist in our personal [...]

Episode 1: Landing the Rockstar Whose Worth More than “The Offer

2021-07-16T13:31:03-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Innovative Recruiting and Retention Strategies, Succession Blog, Succession Video Discussions|

Recruiting and retaining the best talent for your organization does not necessarily revolve around the compensation package itself. Employers need to be strategic and innovative in building packages that motivate the candidate to consider the offer. Considering things outside of the salary and bonus norm and communicating is critical. In [...]

Episode 2: Attracting Top Talent With Innovative Incentives

2021-07-16T13:32:59-05:00By |Advisor Collaboration, Automotive, Innovative Recruiting and Retention Strategies, Succession Video Discussions|

When it comes to creating compensation packages to recruit key talent, thinking out of the box is essential. The competition for top talent is extremely high and salary/bonuses are not always the deal winner. Dealers are not just competing with other dealers for talent; they are also competing with employers [...]


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