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Business Succession Planning- Personal Financial Planning

The accumulation of financial resources enables a business owner to become free of credit guarantees, initiate an exit strategy, and empower succession by transferring leadership and control of the business to partners, family members or key manager successors. When dealing with business succession planning, especially in terms of financial planning, it is essential to have the proper knowledge and experience.

Why Is it Important?

  • The freedom to consider all viable business exit strategies without being forced into one solely based on your personal financial needs.
  • The ability to protect your accumulated wealth that is critical to you and your family’s security. You maintain your privacy as you equitably transfer wealth, including the delicate business enterprise, to appropriate family members and charities.
  • Creates the foundation for developing credit worthiness and transferring credit guarantees to family or key manager successors.

Download the Personal Financial Planning section of our Succession Matrix® guide.

See how your business compares to best practices in our printable guide on business succession planning complete with worksheets and additional insights.

Symptoms of a Personal Financial Planning Problem

  • Financially dependent upon the business
  • Nonexistent or impractical exit strategy due to time, money or resources
  • No bench strength or identified successor to coach and develop for leadership transfer
  • Incomplete or outdated estate plans
  • All or most loans personally guaranteed by the owner
business succession planning booklet

Use this succession planning guide to help navigate the intricacies of Personal Finance Planning, and be sure to used an experienced professional when looking for family business advising. Be better prepared to implement your strategic succession plan and ensure your transition goes smoothly and that your legacy remain intact. Download this guide, along with our other Succession Matrix guide that can be found here on our site.

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