Succession Planning Process- Owner Motivation & Perspective

Shareholder attitudes influence all areas of the business. They establish both the limitations and possibilities of business growth and longevity through multiple generations. Having a knowledgeable family business advisor who knows the succession planning process can be invaluable.

Why Is it Important?

  • Shareholder attitudes impact profitability, efficiency, enthusiasm, innovation, customer satisfaction, and the sustainability of success.
  • Relationships are significantly affected by shareholders’ attitude towards the business. These include relationships with family members, key managers, employees, strategic vendors, creditors, manufacturers and franchisers.
  • Shareholders perspective on the business influences employee attitudes. If the perspective of shareholders is me first; the culture and behaviors of the employees will follow that lead.

Download the Owner Motivation & Perspective section of our Succession Matrix® guide.

See how your business compares to best practices in our printable guide complete with worksheets and additional insights on the succession planning process.

Symptoms of a Owner Motivation & Perspective Problem

  • Performance dependent upon owner
  • Management turf wars
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor customer service
  • “Me first” culture
succession planning process outline

Use this succession planning guide to help navigate the intricacies of Owner Motivation & Perspective, and be sure to use an experienced professional when looking for family business advising. Key insights into Owner Motivation & Perspective position you to implement your strategic succession plan and ensure your transition goes smoothly. Download this guide, along with our other Succession Matrix guides, which can be found here on our site.

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