Succession is dependent upon SUCCESS, so it is just as much about today as it is about tomorrow. Growth, scaling your business, talent and culture are all essential dynamics addressed through succession strategies. And, there is nothing more valuable to the business than talent.

Leadership bench strength is pivotal to whatever growth strategy you choose – internal or external through acquisitions. In times like these when the acquisition activity is as hot as we have ever seen, more than ever we need to be ensuring we have the right people on our team.

Listen to this discussion with Dan Gavin with Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Michael Rosenndahl with PCE Investment Banking, and our very own succession planner, Loyd Rawls, to hear how to ensure your business has the bench strength required, especially as you are looking to grow your business.

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Leadership Management & Continuity

Top talent is hard to find these days, so when you find them, it is critical you have the strategies in place to retain and motivate your key people. Click the following links for more drill-down resources on Leadership and Management Continuity.

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