Succession Planning Success Stories

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Client Succession Planning Experiences

Join us as we unveil real-life case studies that demonstrate the profound impact of The Rawls Group’s expertise and proven succession process on the lives of our clients. Discover the success stories of:

Be inspired by their stories of conquering challenges and celebrating triumphs while navigating the intricate landscape of family dynamics, employee and customer expectations, and ever-evolving competition.

Throughout this series, you will gain profound insights into the essential components of a successful family business succession plan. From fostering effective communication and adept conflict resolution to nurturing strategic leadership development and sound strategic planning, this video series underscores the significance of long-term planning and proactive decision-making when safeguarding the legacy of a family business. With thoughtful succession planning, families can bridge generational divides, nurture cohesion, and create a lasting impact that transcends the boundaries of their enterprises.

Whether you are a family business owner seeking inspiration and guidance for your succession journey or a professional advisor aiming to bolster your expertise in this specialized field, this video series is a treasure trove of invaluable insights. Learn how practical strategies have positively transformed the lives of families, employees, and communities associated with these family businesses.

Succession Planning Stories

Succession Planning Transformation: Joe Jankowski’s Inspirational Journey

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A Business Owners Story Join us as Joe Jankowski, Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift opens up about his unexpected experience with succession planning, a story that not only revolutionized his business but also profoundly impacted his entire life. Embracing Change in Family Business: Discover Joe's initial resistance to outside [...]

How Succession Planning Transforms Businesses into Profit Powerhouses

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Developing strategies for growth are essential to succession, especially in Century Automotive Group’s case, where four kids are interested in the business within the third generation.  As Tracy shares in our discussion, the succession process created a forum to determine: Strategic Plan for the next five years Organizational structure and [...]

Navigating Succession Planning: A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

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Join us as Joe Jankowski, the Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift, shares his inspiring journey of founding Armatus Dealer Uplift. Joe's story began with his experiences as CFO and CEO of an automotive group, where he faced numerous challenges, including navigating the termination of GM and Chrysler franchises in [...]

Succession Secrets: Key Insights for Seamless Leadership Transition

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Discover the secrets to seamless succession planning and sustainable family business growth in this video featuring Joe Jankowski, Managing Member of Armatus Dealer Uplift. In this video, Joe shares invaluable insights drawn from his own experiences, advocating for the indispensable role of a third-party perspective in ensuring a smooth transition [...]

The Surprising Benefit of Succession Planning – Enhancing Interactions for Lasting Success

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Familial communication patterns can create stress in the business environment. Assumptions, stereotypes, and emotional baggage often cloud judgment, reactions, listening, and getting to know someone as an adult versus just a sibling or child. Many believe a Will, Trusts, and business agreements are the crux of succession planning; however, as [...]

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