Dive into the intricate world of estate planning for multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees and family businesses with Nate Riordan, founder of West Coast Franchise Law, and seasoned succession planners Jeff Bannon and Greg Sisa from The Rawls Group. Discover the unique challenges faced by franchise businesses due to the franchisor-franchisee relationship in this enlightening video.

Qualified Successors and Beneficiary Considerations:

Explore the crucial aspects of identifying qualified successors within your family circle. Understand the importance of evaluating the readiness and maturity of potential beneficiaries. Gain insights into ensuring a seamless transition of your franchises and portfolios to maintain your business legacy.

Setting Clear Expectations:

Delve deep into the complexities of defining roles and expectations for the next generation. Learn how limitations in your estate planning, particularly in shareholder agreements, can guide future ownership. Discover strategies to foster a responsible and capable successor, ensuring the smooth continuation of your franchise ventures.

Navigating Unequal Beneficiaries:

Address the challenges of estate planning when beneficiaries possess diverse interests and abilities. Master the art of balancing meaningful assets tailored to individual needs, ensuring fairness and clarity within the family dynamic. Understand why equal might not always be fair and learn methods to establish equitable solutions.

Streamlining Estate Management:

Explore the essential tools and unique nuances of franchise estate planning, including revocable living trusts and pour-over wills. Understand the significance of asset titling and discover how these tools can streamline the management process for your successors. Gain practical insights into ensuring a seamless transition of your franchise empire.

How We Help You:

Are you struggling with the complexities of identifying qualified successors and beneficiaries within your family circle? Do you find it challenging to set clear expectations for the next generation or navigate estate planning when beneficiaries possess diverse interests and abilities? Is streamlining estate management for your franchise empire proving to be a daunting task?

Contact a Succession Planner at The Rawls Group today. We specialize in providing insights and resources to help you address these challenges effectively. Whether you need guidance on evaluating potential successors, defining roles and expectations, or streamlining estate management, our team is here to assist you. Schedule a consultation with us, and in just 30 minutes, gain valuable ideas to apply to your business immediately. Let us help you ensure the seamless continuation of your franchise ventures and maintain your business legacy.

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Personal Financial Planning

Estate planning is a complex endeavor, especially for owners of capital-intensive complex business’. Throw active and inactive family into the mix and trying to figure out what is fair, how to provide opportunities for the next generation without enabling them, and maintain family harmony.

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In complex family and business environments, it is imperative to lean on expert legal and tax advice who specialize in the same size business and estate as you.  We are not attorneys or CPAs but know experienced advisers if you are looking for sophisticated advisory services.

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We can help you with insights, other resources, and see if it makes sense to work together. At the very least, in 30 minutes, you may get some ideas you can apply to your business right away.