Creating a Culture of Opportunity

Over the course of 9 episodes, Loyd Rawls shares with us his insight on culture. Loyd founded The Rawls Group in 1973 and has been creating opportunity for others for the last 45+ years. He not only understands his stewardship responsibility to those who depend upon his business, but he has also made it his mission to help other business owners build attractive cultures to last for generations to come.

Culture is the foundation of what a company is builtit is precious and irreplaceable. It is one thing that you have to be intentional about maintaining through change, which means working harder on it than anything else.  IF, of course you are looking to build not just a company, but a legacy.

This is one of many topics discussed in our Advancing Your Business, People and Legacy Podcast. For additional topics visit our Succession Podcast page.

Episode 9: As a business owner, is there anything you would do differently to build culture?

2020-07-16T20:54:59-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

As an entrepreneurs you are driven by a dream, the impact your business can have on your community and the lifestyle you endeavor to experience. Loyd Rawls shares his perspective of culture as a fellow entrepreneur. Loyd has dedicated his life to succession planning, and along the way developed an [...]

Episode 8: How have you ensured the initial core values have sustained over time?

2020-07-16T20:55:44-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

Core values act as the guiding principles or "headlights" for the organization as the leadership evaluates decisions in regards to recruitment, strategic planning and how daily interactions are handled with employees and customers. Over time, if not tended to, core values can erode. As a fellow entrepreneur and one who [...]

Episode 7: How important is it for The Rawls Group team to be entrepreneurial in mindset and behavior?

2020-07-16T20:56:34-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

As advisors, The Rawls Group takes on the responsibility of facilitating the sticky and complex issues of our clients. As a result, Loyd set out to recruit talent who had the ability to be vulnerable so to listen to understand while also lead with confidence so to facilitate resolution to [...]

Episode 6: How important is respect in the workplace, and as a leader, how do you enforce it?

2020-07-16T20:57:11-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

Respect is built over time through consistent behavior. Historical interactions act as the foundation. Consistency creates strong and solid relationships while deviations creates cracks in the foundation. As a leader, to build respect, transparency in goals and motives in addition to consistency in behavior sets the tone for the culture [...]

Episode 5: How did you align your people to the culture you desired?

2020-07-16T20:57:43-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

Recruiting based upon clear core values AND role model behavior are the silver bullets to aligning your people to the culture you desired. If the culture desired is different than the owner/leader's behavior and core values - the culture will always be at odds with itself. As you listen to [...]

Episode 3: What were the key characteristics important to you as you developed company culture?

2020-07-14T16:11:05-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" ~ Theodore Roosevelt. Caring is a core foundation of The Rawls Group based upon the power of caring for each other and our clients success. As you listen to this episode you will walk away with [...]

Episode 4: Are the characteristics you felt were critical to the culture in 1973 still the same?

2020-07-16T20:58:19-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

The only sustainable attitude is a customer minded attitude. Care for each other and our clients is a driving core value Loyd Rawls founded The Rawls Group upon in 1973. We care about our clients, their goals, their employees and their managers. We become apart of our clients organization and [...]

Episode 2: Did you set out to build a culture of opportunity for others, or did it come with time?

2020-07-14T16:29:47-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

Culture is created whether one works at it or not. Usually a high performance culture requires intentional focus. Loyd often says, "He did not choose succession planning, succession planning picked him." And the skills and expertise required to facilitate family, business, personal and financial nuance involved in the process, requires [...]

Episode 1 – How do you define culture?

2020-07-14T16:44:50-05:00By |Creating a Culture of Opportunity, Succession Video Discussions|

Culture is defined and created by shared common values and non-negotiables of leadership. Whether one intentionally focuses on building a certain culture of doesn't put another effort at all towards the cause, CULTURE ALWAYS EXISTS. Just depends if is is one that attracts and empowers people or creates high turnover [...]

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